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Call for Speakers

Share your knowledge and expertise as a conference speaker.

To present at the 2017 Conference, please follow the guidelines below and submit your application by April 10.

The speaker application period is complete. To get information on applying to speak at a later conference, contact

Speaker Application Timeline

Deadline Items Due
April 10 Deadline for submitting an application.
May 9 Selection results will be sent to submitters. If you are selected, strict deadlines apply.
May 15 Speaker agreements and additional information due from presenter.
August 1 Handouts/presentation notes due.
Presentation Notes Submission Guidelines
  • Document must be submitted in MSWord or Rich Text document
  • Lecture notes should be able to stand alone and not be simply your presentation slides
  • Power Point Outlines will NOT be accepted
  • Margins: 1 inch margins top, bottom and sides
  • No headers or footers
  • Title/Author: Title - Capitalize and Center (Verdana, 12 pt)
    Title must be the title submitted for Program/Promotional information
    Author - Center name and degree/s
    Speaker contact information will be published elsewhere in the proceedings
  • Body: Times New Roman 11 pt., single spaced, 1 space between paragraphs
  • No bold-faced type, no indentation, tabbing, or space bar for indentation
  • Underlining: Minimal underlining may be used
    Underlining does not show up well when document is reproduced
  • MSWord (or comparable program) bulleting format may be used
  • References: Key references may be included. Space considerations may result in the inclusion of the following statement “References available from the author upon request.”
  • Final formatting will be done in the AVCA office. Special directions may be attached
  • A letter granting the AVCA permission to reprint must accompany your handout if it has been previously published
  • A presenter CANNOT charge for notes, handouts, or any material distributed to attendees

E-mail presentation notes to

Presentation notes will be accepted in MSWord or Rich Text format as a document attachment.

Must be received in the AVCA office by posted deadline.

Submission Guidelines